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“I have always had a passion for media and marketing. When I started in PR, most firms were not utilizing social media as a PR tool, so we immediately made that a staple of our campaigns. I knew there was a better way to do PR, and I was passionate about creating a new type of PR campaign that encompassed all facets of communication.”


In both marketing and public relations, TBPR uses social media marketing in Los Angeles to its fullest capacity. To be clear, our definition of “social media campaign” does not include spamming for “likes” on Facebook or ceaseless streams of meaningless, canned tweets. Instead, as a top social media agency in Los Angeles we offer a professional, integrative approach across multiple social media platforms with campaigns that are intelligent and effective.

In the fields of marketing and PR, any method of communication must be viewed as another arrow in the quiver. Social media marketing is simply a new way of communicating and, when harnessed and utilized properly, it can have powerful effects. The ability to relay messages in real time is extremely valuable in the fields of PR and Marketing and should not be overlooked.

At TBPR, we build successful social media campaigns by combining due diligence with an acute understanding of modern day cultural behaviors and trends. All messages are carefully crafted before they are sent. We create detailed strategies for our social campaigns and execute them in a very precise manner. All this allows us to control the message of a brand while engaging potential customers and prospective clients, earning our reputation as a top social media agency in Los Angeles.

A strong and comprehensive social media marketing strategy is one of the cornerstones of any marketing or PR campaign. At TBPR, we help our clients connect their brands with social media buzz. We’ve honed our techniques over many years and continue to develop them with each new campaign we run. As the leading social media agency Los Angeles has available, we provide complete social media solutions that can help to generate a positive return on your investment.

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