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Dealing rapidly, correctly, comprehensively and objectively with a disaster or crisis is the critical first step in meeting the challenges it presents. Communicating with, and coordinating among, all affected groups is a key element in that process.

Tyler Barnett PR is a full-service marketing and public relations firm with particular expertise in the specialized area of crisis preparedness, management and communication, containment and crisis recovery.

Before a crisis strikes, we work with internal management to create contingency plans designed to insure a smooth and coordinated response. When crisis situations occur, our experience allows us to quickly and efficiently gather facts; prepare a situation analysis encompassing relevant issues and options; identify potential solutions or mitigations; create an action plan targeted to all relevant audiences; involve all those necessary in counsel and decision-making; activate a crisis team; and implement plans professionally and cost-effectively.

We coordinate activities among and communicate with:

  • senior management
  • legal and other counsel
  • technical experts
  • special interest groups
  • employees
  • customers and clients
  • the general public or others as appropriate segments of it
  • news media
  • governmental agencies
  • labor unions
  • fire, police and other officials

Senior Council to the firm, Martin Cooper, teaches crisis management at UCLA and has been involved in handling emergency situations professionally since 1964. He has written chapters in several books on crisis management and taught seminars on the subject in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

Prior to joining Tyler Barnett PR, among crisis management situations Mr. Cooper has been involved in are:

  • The death of a teenager at Disneyland at a Grad Nite Party
  • A bomb threat aboard a Princess Cruises luxury ship
  • The "streaker" at the Annual Academy Awards
  • The appearance of an Indian presenter in Marlon Brando’s place at the Academy Awards
  • A roller coaster failure at Magic Mountain amusement park
  • The crash of a DC-10 with four editors of Playboy Magazine aboard
  • The murder of Playboy Playmate of the Year Dorothy Stratton
  • Accusations of illegalities and gaming license revocation at the Playboy Clubs and casinos in London
  • Numerous labor-management conflicts and issues relating to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Playboy Enterprises and others.

Tyler Barnett PR has been responsible for managing numerous crisis situations, including:

  • Accusations of tainted food at a unit of a major restaurant chain (Big Boy Restaurants)
  • Discovery of a multimillion-dollar embezzlement by the business manager of a college prep school (Brentwood School)
  • Accusations of stock manipulation and fraud by a medical equipment manufacturer (Diversified Medical Technologies, Inc.)
  • Suspension of a major medical testing laboratory’s license by State and Federal officials over alleged quality control deficiencies in pap smear testing (Central Diagnostic Laboratories)
  • Drought-condition measures imposed by the City of Santa Barbara (City of Santa Barbara)
  • The drowning death of a five-year-old boy in the pool of a 34-year-old, highly respected summer day camp (Tumbleweed Camp)
  • Legal and financial matters arising from the improperly designed closure of a 14-branch bank by the Federal government (Independence Bank)
  • Media accusations of unsafe levels of Alar in fresh fruits (Mrs. Gooch’s Natural Foods Markets)
  • riticisms of medical malpractice made against a multi-facility clinic which aired on a CBS Television network sensationalistic journalism program (Quality Medical Management)
  • An accidental on-the-job death of a landfill employee (BFI)
  • Accusations against a head of state that he imported women to his country for illicit purposes (the Sultan of Brunei)

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