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When discussing the field of public relations, it is important to first understand distinct differences between PR and marketing. While marketing is geared towards the active advertisement and sale of a product, public relations have to do with creating an image for a company or individual. Any media coverage on the company will reflect this image, and this is integral to the field of PR.


As a PR agency in Los Angeles that has been around the block a time or two, TBPR knows about creating an attractive image. While opinions vary on what is attractive, TBPR has the unique ability to find the lowest common denominator. This is extremely valuable in the field of PR, as it ensures our clients will always have their best foot forward, earning their trust as a top Los Angeles PR agency. Once this is established, we can utilize our laundry list of media contacts to gain coverage necessary to create a favorable opinion in the public eye.

Our media relationships have been fostered and cultivated over a period of almost 10 years and are the product of the persistence and dedication that TBPR puts into every one of its endeavors. As a top Los Angeles PR agency we’ve retained these media contacts because they trust us to provide them with newsworthy content. By the time your company has gone through our firm and gets to them, they are all too happy to provide coverage.

Our media contacts are at the forefront of news coverage and pop culture, including:

At TBPR, we are eager to get you and your company the coverage you deserve. Please give us a call to find out more about how we are becoming the best PR agency Los Angeles has available.

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