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Examiner: 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide: For the Man in your Life

Examiner: 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide: For the Man in your Life

Notoriously difficult to shop for, why not treat the man in your life to a little pampering and luxury this holiday season? Courtesy of van der Hagen Enterprises comes the Shave Set including their renowned hypoallergenic shave soap with glycerin and Shea, Mango and Cocoa butters, a 100 percent pure badger-hair brush to lather in luxury, classic monogrammed brush and apothecary mug, chrome-plated brass construction safety razor with a butterfly opening mechanism, heavy-duty chrome-plated combination razor and brush stand and finally, a pack of five premium stainless steel, ice-tempered, Teflon coated double-edge razor blades. (phew!)

van der Hagen Enterprises is the premier specialty bar soap manufacturer in the world. Owing its renowned reputation as producers of the finest quality soaps to their use of the old-fashioned kettle process, carefully selected ingredients are added to a heated kettle by a master compounder according to exacting temperatures. Once complete, the thin liquid is poured into molds, run through a cooling tunnel and hand packed. The result? A unique formula, which contains over 40% humectant moisturizers. In addition, the Deluxe Shave Soap contains Aloe Vera & Shea Butter and the Glycerin Shave Soap contains Vitamin E & Oat Extract.

The kettle process is more labor intensive and the finer ingredients more expensive but the results speak for themselves. Van der Hagen shave soaps not only provide for the closest shave, they are also hypo-allergenic and rinse more completely than typical soaps, leaving your face feeling soft and smooth.

Besides – who wouldn’t want a stylish shave set on your bathroom counter rather than that cruddy old razor?

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