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Why We Don't "Spin"

Why We Don't "Spin"

Why We Don’t “Spin”


The PR industry has changed immensely over the last decade and there is still a new movement on the horizon.  Just as fancy SEO tricks have been beat out by well thought out, relevant, and engaging content, the infamous “PR spin” is being blighted out by progressive campaigns rooted in authenticity, generosity, and social change… and we love it. 


At Tyler Barnett PR we do not “spin,” nor do we believe it has a place in modern public relations and marketing tactics.  We know that kind acts and truthfulness are good for business, which is why we’ve resolved to ban hyperbole, manipulation, and exploitation from our campaigns.  True: we are still seeking to generate exposure, buzz, and credibility for our many lifestyle and consumer clients.  The difference is, we seek to do this as credible raconteurs and not as “spin doctors.”


For too long, PR and marketing professionals have been demonized by journalists.  In fact, recent statistics concur that the majority of journalists believe publicists are flat out lying when we send a pitch, and surely, many publicists are.  But Tyler Barnett PR hopes to end this practice and belief once and for all.  We will not spin.  Instead, we promise to research our clients, their industry, and their clients.  From there, we will seek to relay those aspects that truly advance the brand and its community.  One way we love to do this is by aligning our clients with relevant charitable initiatives.  Why, only a few months ago our client van der Hagen Enterprises, a company that specialized in men’s grooming products, partnered with Los Angeles’ Midnight Mission to donate shaves and haircuts to homeless men.  After, the men had the opportunity to engage in a mock job interview with our own CEO, Tyler Barnett. 


That’s right; we like to get involved too!  In fact, we like it so much we’ve decided to give back as much as possible.  After all, isn’t that what the industry is truly based on anyways—relating to the public?  Each month, the Tyler Barnett PR team will donate its time, skills, or efforts to a different charitable cause, whether that means closing the office for the day to mentor high-risk teens on landing their first job interview or strategizing new ways to partner our clients with relevant causes.  It is our hope that by quitting the spin scene, we can reinstate real journalism, advance our clients, and possibly change some lives in the process.


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